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Can you believe that nearly three years have passed since the last Priory Road street party?        

We were amazed when we realised it was so long ago. And that, combined with many, many comments along the lines of “What are you going to do next time?”, got us thinking…..

So, we’re having a meeting next week to talk about the next one. The proposed theme is an Olympics ‘warm-up’, and we’re looking at Saturday 13 September 2008 as the date. We use the term ‘Olympics’ loosely… perhaps embracing events such as Scrabble, sack races, egg-throwing, slow bicycle races, etc, as well as the more traditional events such as hurdles (over very low obstacles).  

We’re anticipating a far more low-key event this year; we hope to close the road again but initial enquiries seem to suggest that the council would now want £1,000, which would be a real problem.

We would love to have some new scalps on the committee. What’s left of the ‘old’ committee are willing to support and help, but feel some fresh ideas would be really beneficial.  There’s nothing formal about the meetings – you don’t have to attend each one and no-one will be assigned ‘tasks’. Everything is completely voluntary. (It does help if you like a glass or two of wine/beer though.)  

For those of you who haven’t yet experienced a Priory Road party, check out the website at

Date & Time: Thursday 22nd May, 8pm

Venue: Jane and John Points, No 28 (Sunray) Priory Road