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How to buy tickets

Because this street party will be a truly memorable event we expect a lot of people will want to attend. This is great, and just what we want, but because of Health and Safety restrictions, plus the legal requirements, we have to impose a few guidelines.

ALL children must be accompanied by an adult
For obvious reasons the committee cannot take responsibility for children other than their own

Entry to the party is by ticket only
Only those people who have purchased a ticket will be allowed to enter the party area. All tickets are numbered and logged

Non-residents by invitation only
We're a social lot in Priory Road and this party is going to be fabulous! The residents are very keen to allow all those non-resident friends and neighbours to attend but entry has to be by invitation (and ticket) only, for safety and insurance reasons. If you are a non-resident and would like to come, please ask a resident to 'sponsor' you. Abbotts Road residents do not need Priory Road sponsors, they are welcome in their own right.

Available from

Tickets will be on sale from 14 March, 2005 and can be purchased from:

Hannah Arnold, 15 Priory Road, Tel: 581045. and
Madeleine Hudson, 13 Priory Road, Tel: 34869

E-mail: tickets@prioryrd.co.uk

You can ring or email to book your tickets, or call in - Madeleine is at home most of the time


  • Resident Family Ticket 20
  • Additional Family Ticket 20
  • Additional Single (Adult) Ticket 5
  • Under 5's free

Cash payments are welcome
Cheques should be made payable to 'Priory Road Street Party'



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